A Few Nice Blogs

These are all pretty recent finds, check it out-t-t.

1. Black Plastic Bag:Washington City Paper’s music blog is full of information for local artists and gigs as well as album reviews of well known and indie artists. None of the information is difficult to access and they provide you with a TON of related links.

2. Choro is gorgeous Brazilian  music from the 20s and 30s. This guy’s blog talks about different artists and posts albums for you to listen to. Viewers can also watch embedded  videos of  performances by both famous artists and youtube musicians from all over the place. The blog itself is pretty simple but really interesting.

3. Brooklynvegan is a performing arts blog based in NYC. The interviews and features are always informative and the pictures are great. Whenever I’m on the fence about seeing an artist, I look to this blog to see what their reviews have said–it’s definitely a source I trust. I also like that the blog isn’t all music–there’s theater and dance shows previewed/reviewed fairly regularly.



One response to “A Few Nice Blogs

  1. Gee! I don’t know why you didn’t showcase these blogs in class today!!!!!
    David P.

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